Clean, Oil, & Inspection. This consists of stripping the gun down completely, cleaning all the parts, inspecting all the parts, re oiling and lubing all the parts and reassembling the gun.General firearm cleaning is one of those things that is over looked by many people. It seems like as long as it works they don’t worry about it. Approximatly 75% of the guns I receive for repairs are just dirty and need to be stripped down completely for a clean and oil. Every year after the deer season I get a few guns that didn’t function properly when the owner was out hunting. Most of the time it is because the gun is dirty. Proper maintenance will prevent most of these problems. So if your favorite deer rifle has not been in to a gunsmith for a clean oil and inspect for a while, I recommend having it done. If it costs you the Biggest Buck of your life time, the cost of a complete clean, oil, and inspection is cheap insurance. Average price range is $30.00-$60.00.