The Most Renowned Spin-off Game Series

As you know, a game series may exude so much success that the producers decide to generate a new game for either one or a coterie of the characters in it. As such, some of these spin-offs have been tremendously successful that they have surpassed their origin. For instance, are you aware that the renowned Super Mario is a spin-off of Donkey Kong? Unfortunately, the number of such great series is quite limited and therefore, the eviction of a copiousness of spin-off titles from the market without a word, took place.

PICT0098.JPGWith that in mind, we shall delve into the top spin-off series of all time of which you may not be oblivious. While some may be far much better than the original versions, some may not be, and some may have Internet slots offering players a myriad of free spins. Nevertheless, they all deserve for players to partake in them and try their luck.

Death by Degrees

It is a spin-off which stemmed from Tekken, has Namco Bandai as its creator and its release date occurred over a decade ago in 2005 of April. Additionally, it is available on Playstation 2, with Nina as a sequel whose release date will happen very soon.

In case you may not recall, Nina was a famous character in Tekken, who fulfilled the dreams of teenagers with her chic heels, classy leather attire and sassy attitude back in the 1990’s. As such, Namco saw it fit to utilize this popularity into a befitting game revolving around this different girl, and named it Death by Degrees. The intriguing game revolves around her tireless efforts to infiltrate the organization known as ‘Kometa,’ which exudes immense martial arts, décolleté as well as violence.

Furthermore, Death by Degrees is more than the average classic side beat up game which meets the eye but includes a plethora of in-game demonstrations all of which included the main character (Nina). Upon completion of this charming slot, players unlock two essential features in a heartbeat; Anna (her sister) alongside a beautiful bikini for Nina. As you can imagine, after relishing in the game’s action and getting to the peak which is seeing Nina in a lovely bikini, it did not take long before boredom struck. Hence, this resulted in little sale value, and therefore, the sequel (Nina II) came about as a prototype and the launch never happened.

Age of Mythology

It originated from the Age of Empires and was launched almost two decades ago in November of 2002. Additionally, its sequels include Tale of the Dragon, The Titans, and Mythologies. With that in mind, Age of Mythology mimicked the Age of Empires with regards to the underlying mechanics.

While both were titles involving the use of real strategy Age of Mythology indeed offered a ton of highly developed features alongside a multiuser infrastructure during that duration. The game had a significantly high success rate, as it sold over one million copies across the globe, and attained a score greater than 90 on a cornucopia of critics, not forgetting three expansions.

Lastly, players have the freedom to purchase and partake in the Age of Mythology series on Steam, which works excellently on all the latest operating systems. Furthermore, they can use a scenario modifier for the designing of a personal map and share it with other users.

Pokémon Ranger

In case you did not know, its spin-off stemmed from Pokémon, its publisher was Nintendo, it was released a decade ago in April of 2007 just when the slot game called Wizard of Oz slot was released, and its sequels entail Guardian Signs alongside Shadows of Almia.

As a variation of Pokémon, players have the luxury of partaking in Pokémon Ranger and its incredible features with a stylus during its release duration. As a participant, your sole purpose was to catch the copiousness of Pokémon which ran loose in the park. To accomplish this, all you required to do was attempt to draw a particular icon on your screen using a stylus. As the levels went higher, the drawing of the special symbols became more of a challenge.

Lastly, this spin-off achieved a high sales rate of over three million copies worldwide alongside a relatively high rating score from the myriad of critics. Its two sequels as mentioned above did not manage to attain a high success rate as Pokémon Ranger. Nevertheless, as time flew by, this series slowly became forgotten.

Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX

During the period when Tony Hawk broke records in sales with a cornucopia of games carrying his name, the producers decided to create a spin-off called Matt Hoffman Pro BMX. As you know, Hoffman was one of the most famous BMX riders, and as such, the game revolved around cycling on various tracks while attempting to implement his phenomenal tricks. Nevertheless, as a result of various technical issues and the fact that the slot remained in the shadow of Tony Hawk, the hype quickly died down and so did the game.