Stock Refinishing

Stock refinishing is one of those things that varies a lot from stock to stock. The price of a basic one or two piece stock, without checkering, starts at $90.00. The average stock with checkering starts at $100.00. If your stock as numerous dings and dents the price will be adjusted by time involved to fix the defects. If your stock has the high gloss finish there is a $35.00 charge for the difficulty of removing those finishes. I do not do Weatherby stocks. The finish on those stocks takes me hours to remove, an you probably would not want to pay for the time to do it. After your stock is stripped of the old finish, re stained, and dries for 2-5 days the new finish process starts. I hand rub the finish for how ever many coats I feel it takes and the final coat is sprayed on for a real nice smooth finish. The only finish I do now is a hunters satin. I use to do a high gloss finish that turned out like glass. Then the EPA made the company I get the product from change their formula and not use something that was in it. What happened when they changed the product is it made it more intense and very difficult to get the job to come out perfect. Instead of one final coat, I had to do two final coats and it just is not the same as it use to be. If I cant do an excellent job, Id rather not do it. So the moral is I don’t do high gloss any more.